Pitt Biospecimen Core

Research Histology

Our team offers a combined 40+ years of knowledge and experience in histology and pathology. Below is an abbreviated description outlining some of our capabilities. A detailed list of services with pricing may be found on the price list.  We offer various levels of project guidance to ensure anticipated outcomes. Primarily, Research Histology services are financially supported through a fee-for-service mechanism. For a project estimate, please contact Tony Green.

  • Histology support services for routine processing of human and non-human tissue samples
    • Processing, embedding, cutting and staining tissue samples, cell lines and ALI (Air Liquid Interface) samples
    • Scrolls and thick section microtomy
    • Sectioning onto LCM slides (slide must be provided)
    • Can accommodate any size of project
  • Frozen sectioning
    • Embed and sectioning of frozen specimens
    • Routine or thick sectioning capabilities
    • Multiple sections (or levels) per slide
    • IHC and H&E staining
  • Perform immunohistochemical stains using conventional and novel antibodies on human and non-human tissue sections PD-L1 Staining
    • IHC staining is performed using automated stainers to ensure consistency and reproducibility
    • Staining methodology produces clear crisp staining with very minimal to no background interference
    • Evaluate novel antibodies and titrate protocols for using these novel reagents
    • Multiplex staining up to 3 antibodies on 1 slide is available (Please contact for details)
    • TUNEL Assay staining
    • IHC on frozen sections

Please contact the Research Histology lab for details or questions about our services. Also for inquires that you feel might not be routine service.