Pitt Biospecimen Core

Access Tissue

Specimen distribution is based on a defined priority order of usage for investigators involved in a particular research field. The organ-specific Tissue Utilization Committees (TUC) discuss and develop future research directions for the program, and assess policies and procedures for the availability of tissue and biological materials for promising research projects. Each of these committees makes recommendations to the personnel of the PBC for the priorities in distribution of tissues. 

Project Management - The Pitt Biospecimen Core utilizes a user-friendly Project Management Request Tool for the entry of project requests and modifications found here. A full time dedicated Project Manager oversees the development and execution of PBC projects.

Our online "project management tool" :

  • Is accessible to both UPitt and UPMC Researchers
  • Has the ability to manage uploaded IRB and protocol documents
  • Facilitates review of tissue request by Tissue Utilization Committee
  • Assigns projects to dedicated PBC Staff for completion
  • Auto-generates e-mail status updates to researchers
  • Researcher can enter comments and modifications

A specimen summary is available for interested researchers.

FFPE (Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded) Pathology Archived Paraffin - Through a partnership with the Department of Pathology of UPMC, clinical paraffin can be made available for University or UPMC related research initiatives in a de-identified manner.